Interview to Patrick Antonius

During betflik 9999 the Pokerstars Barcelona European Poker Visit we had the joy to inteview Finish poker player Patrik Antonius. Patrik is a previous tennis player who chose to begin a profession in high stakes over quite a while back. First in the Finland All Time Cash Rundown, Patrik tell has how he sees poker advancement over most recent twenty years, and how significant is to set yourself up intellectually and genuinely for the triumph. Continue to peruse!

-Thank you kindly for getting us. You are a previous tennis player, how would you wind up playing poker expertly?
-I played a great deal of games with my companions when I was youthful and some way or another we began to play cardgames for a minimal expenditure and afterward with more cash, however it was loads of tomfoolery, it was only for delight. At last, I went to the Club in Helsinki and I won the very first competition I played and from that point forward I began to get more intrigued on the game yet I actually didn’t realize that you could play poker professioally and earn enough to pay its bills. This was like 1997 and I began to earn substantial sums of money about in 2000. So I have played just about 18 years expertly now. I have forever been very serious and regular skilled in games, uniquely when there’s cash included, so poker fits impeccably for me, it brings the additional test. It’s a ton of tension and a ton of technique.

-You are a high stakes player, you’re bigest prize is $3,153,551 which is tremendous. How would you deal with the tension in these circumstances?
-Indeed, indeed, I have been the two sides, such as winning a major pot and furthermore losing it and, additionally in other sports…sometimes, fundamentally you’re strugglying and you need to strengthen normally the most essential things in life have a major effect when you like dozing better, preparing better and doing things that you appreciate. It’s tied in with adjusting and clearly it’s not a great fit for everybody, uncommonly high stakes where cash can get extremely large so that is the reason a many individuals don’t feel much better or decide not to go to these games, regardless of whether they would have the ability however for me it’s never been an issue, besides, I live for the defining moments, because I get out my absolute best.

-Do you imagine that your past as a tennis player has assisted you with dealing with these circumstances?
-Indeed, completely. I accomplished such a great deal sports, and I learn’re noticed a ton from them when I was youthful. You figure out how to deal with preassure, you figure out how to deal with wins and misfortunes and you figure out how to deal with yourself and you figure out how to it’s such a huge amount about what you do beyond the poker like how you set yourself up to play, then you will play well yet in the event that you haven’t done the right things to feel far better, to be new, and be engaged and be prepared to win then …you know…it’s troublesome.

-Have you seen an advancement in your game since you began playing high stakes?
-I think nearly everybody’s down is changing constantly in a few course and the game additionally has changed itself with the presentation of new innovations, individuals attempting to track down improved answers for various circumstances, and you generally need to change your game in view of your oponents so this is exactly the very thing I’ve been attempting to do and I like how poker is currently. I truly partake in a many individuals playing, still exceptionally exciting, because I see no godlike playing, anyone can win, anyone can lose.

-How might you depict the advancement of poker then, at that point?
-It’s a decent inquiry, players all over improve. These days Iplayer don’t uncover themselves that much to terrible circumstances that multiple occasions to stay away from individuals exploiting their dangerous game. Poker has obviously developed a ton when comes like to innovation, examination, a ton of instructing and coaching…even on the off chance that playing is very unique because you are there. In poker everything resembles a carefully weighed out course of action. Some of the time you go with harder choices and you could not handle that part, the main thing you at any point have some control over is attempting to pursue the most ideal choices at each second, and ascertaining gambles. I’m attempting to face tiny challenges clearly yet a few times you need to take greater ones, it’s not unexpected.

-What is the longest you have been without changing out an award and how have you taken care of it?
-It was quite a while for me in competition, in light of the fact that during pretty much six years I played around 3 to four competitions each year and I don’t think I got any award during two or three years yet I figure in poker you can go effectively 10 competitions without cahing out anything, it’s generally expected. At any rate, I have been continuously playing cash poker, playing huge money games and it was that what it was truly counting for me. Competitions have forever been for me like the serious piece of poker, and I haven’t actually been putting my brain on that. In 2005 I put a few exertion in competitions and I had some outcome and I’m back now in 2018 and I had a great deal of good outcomes this year, which is great.

-First in Finland All time Cash list, however what are the competitions you are generally anxious to win?
-The competitions where there’s a ton of players, for instance on the off chance that you win a competitions where there’s over several thousands players it feels more pleasant, on the grounds that it’s harder and it takes more time to win. I truly have no specific objectives or competitions set at the forefront of my thoughts right now, yet I’m continuously attempting to put forth a valiant effort. I don’t actually contemplate things that I have zero control over. Likewise, it’s ideal to win Hot shot occasions, where there are a particularly astonishing bundle of good players.

-Tennis, poker, what is straightaway? Do you see yourself expertly when you are old?
-I see myself playing when I’m old, yet all that matters is the amount I need to play like I’m heading out to many places every one of the times, so I surmise, what is old these days, when you’re 60/70…maybe not such a lot of voyaging. In any case, you never now what life will bring, I’m exceptionally serious, I like it, so for what reason don’t accomplishing something that you like? I doesn’t feel like a task, at the present time. It seems more like a task when you need to play, to earn enough to pay the rent. For me it’s an honor to have the option to play every one of the large occasions and I can totally control my time. A few times I’m a piece worn out like I’ve been playing a great deal and I want to require a month simple. Just the time will say, ideally I will play for quite a while.

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